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Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent solutions.

Coming from a humble beginning about 10 years ago we first ventured into the technology retail industry. Throughout the years and as we grow, we acquire new knowledge and expertise! We strived to remain on the leading edge of technology. Today as we are constantly evolving, we provide services ranging from IT support to Web development and Digital Marking/SEO.

Additionally, through our network of associates, we provide web design and development services.

Tech's our Thing

It is our people, their unique perspectives, experiences and talent that make our work possible.
All of our work is driven by a passion for technology, and this ensures our work is carried out with energy and enthusiasm.

Client Success Is Our Goal

Since technology has the ability to shape the future of an organization, we always consider how our solutions will impact the long-term success of our clients.

We Take Ownership

In all aspects of our business, we strive for transparency and accountability. It is our responsibility to ensure our customers’ systems, projects, and requirements are handled appropriately.

Integrity Is One of Our Mandates

Our business must be guided by moral principles. To us, it is paramount to achieve the best possible results for our clients, our people, our partners.


Preparing for your success, we provide truly IT solutions.

The mission of our company is to deliver quality IT solution and services that help businesses achieve their objectives. We will empower your workforce, transform your operations, and support your company's journey to success by offering cutting-edge, robust IT services.

Creating brand identities, digital experiences, that communicate clearly, achieve marketing goals, and look fantastic.

Viktoria Kafkalia

CEO & Founder

Ioannis Syzynos

CEO & Founder

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We provide premium IT solutions & services, With more than five years of knowledge and expertise!